Cone Packer Tube – Pre-rolled cone filling packing machine device

– 1 1/4 size, 84mm

 The Cone Packer Tube (patent pending) is a smoking accessory that aids users in packing the perfect pre-rolled cone. What sets this device apart from all others is that it was engineered to pack a pre-rolled cone easily, efficiently and consistently. 


What makes the Cone Packer Tube so easy to use is its funnel system and functional design. The angle and width of the funnel is made specifically to allow the material to flow through without the need of a tool. The body that encases the pre-rolled cone was designed to hold a 83mm or 1 1/4 size pre-rolled cone. Whether you are a beginner or regular, this device allows users of all experience levels to easily fill a pre-rolled cone. 

What makes the Cone Packer Tube so efficient is the ease of use is the speed it takes to create a final product. Because the Cone Packer Tube is engineered to be used without tools it makes the process of packing a pre-roll a lot quicker than the conventional process of “stuffing” a pre-rolled cone. Packing a pre-rolled cone saves time!

Hand stuffing a pre-rolled cone is not consistant. This can lead to your pre-roll distinguishing prematurely or not getting a consistant draw each time… or even worse, when it’s so hard to take a draw because your pre-roll wasn’t stuffed properly. With the Cone Packer Tube you will be consistently packing your pre-rolls and getting the ultimately draw and slow burn that you’ve been missing. The quality of your pre-roll will be comparable to pre-rolls you get from your dispensary.

1. Place cone into body of tube and cap bottom of tube (SIZE 83mm or 1 1/4 size) Has been tested with RAW 1 1/4 pre-rolled cones and Smizzle 1 1/4.
2. Place funnel
3. Fill funnel with finely ground material and cap funnel
4. tapTapTAP until all the material has transferred from the funnel into the pre-rolled cone or the pre-rolled cone is filled. 
6. Detach funnel and bottom cap and pushing up from the bottom remove filled pre-rolled cone and twist.